Shingle Color

Architectural Shingle Options

Gable Standard & Deluxe, Barn Deluxe, 12" Overhang, Porch Models

Classic Barn Standard Model only

Barn Door Upgrades

Upgraded 5' Wide Arch top doors 75.00
Upgraded 6' Wide Arch top doors 100.00
*Arch top doors come standard on the Gable Deluxe model
Extra 30" Single Door 100.00
Extra 36" Single Door 130.00
Extra Set of 5' Doors 185.00
Extra Set of 6' Doors 235.00
Extra Set of 5' Arch Top Doors 210.00
Extra Set of 6' Arch Top Doors 260.00
Extra 30" Single Arch Top Door 125.00
Extra 36" Single Arch Top Door 155.00

Roll Up Door/Overhead Door

6'Wx6'-5"H Roll Up Door* 400.00
8'Wx6'-5"H Roll-Up Door** 450.00
*Note: If placed on endwall requires 7' sidewall, if placed on sidewall requires 7'-6" sidewall
Overhead Garage Door  Call for pricing

Shelving & Loft Sections

Workbenches (2' deep) 4.50 per ft.
Shelving (1' deep) 3.00 per ft.

Loft sections available on Gable Deluxe & Barn Style Only

Loft 8'x4'- 2x4 lumber 24" o.c. 65.00
Loft 10'x4'- 2x6 lumber 24" o.c. 110.00
Loft 12'x4'- 2x8 lumber 24" o.c. 200.00
Loft 16'x4'- 2x10 lumber 24" o.c. 300.00

Wraparound lofts only available on Barn Styles

2' deep loft around the perimeter of the shed
Wraparound loft 8x12 110.00
Wraparound loft 10x10 135.00
Wraparound loft 10x12 145.00
Wraparound loft 10x16 160.00

LP SmartSide Horizontal Lap siding Call for pricing
LP SmartSide Gable End Shakes Call for pricing


Double Pane Window 24"x36" w/ grids $120.00
Endwall Transom Window 200.00
Transom Window Above 5' Doors 200.00
Transom Window Above 6' Doors 250.00
Windows in 30" Door 45.00/pr.
Windows in 5' Doors 200.00/pr.
Windows in 6' Doors 300.00/pr


Steel Roof Vent 45.00
Ridge Vent 10.00 per ft
Earth Anchor Kit 55.00


Treated Ramp 5'x4' 155.00
Treated Ramp 6'x4' 185.00
*Note - Treated ramps require no more than 3" slope in any direction
Pr. 2x12 Ramps w/ brackets 135.00

Cupolas & Accessories

*Hand crafted right in our shop

Cedar Shake roofed Cupola w/ Vents 650.00
Cedar Shake roofed Cupola w/ Windows 875.00
With Weathervane Add $75
(30" Black Aluminum Rooster)
Copper Roofed Cupola Add $200